The word rafting is usually a collective name of the different types of boats, which we use on the whitewater rivers, although it is actually an individual whitewater sports. It got its name from the rafting boat, which was originally developed for military purposes. Rafts, or rafting boats, are whitewater rubber boats in which 4-10 people can row at the same time. The speed of the ship depends on the how many people are in the boat and how they can paddle together with the guide. The qualified guide sits on the back, the paddlers sit on the both sides of the boat, and sometimes they have to help to controlling the boat. Rafting is one of the most common and most popular whitewater sports, because it is the safest and can be practiced by virtually anyone from the age of 6. It is suitable for families or for those who are experiencing the joys of white water sports for the first time.

Choose our special rafting packages!

Soca rafting weekend
88 EUR/person, which include 2 rafting or 1 rafting + 1 canyoning trip

Soca Adventure Weekend
130 EUR, which include 2 rafting +1 canyoning trip
140 EUR which inclide 1 rafting + 1 kayak/mini raft + 1 canyoning trip

The price of the programs includes all the equipment, tour guide, transfer from our base to the river bank and back.

What you need to bring:swimsuit, towels

Course of the tour

  • Meeting at our base
  • Registration
  • Equipment distribution: neoprene suit, shoes, life jacket, helmets (30 minutes)
  • Bus transfer to the river (5-10 minutes)
  • Accident prevention course and rowing training (15 minutes)
  • Tour (approx. 1.5 – 2 hours)
  • Transfer back to base (5-10 minutes)
  • Changing back, handing over the equipment

Start dates:
8:30 a.m, 13:00 (1 p.m), 16:00 (4 p.m.)

We will fill the morning or our afternoon programs in the order of the bookings.

SZÉP kártya elfogadóhely
We accept Széchenyi Pihenőkártya
Froccs Rafting Club
Froccs Rafting Club
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Anita J
- Zseniális élmény és mellette nagyon szórakoztató, hála Máténak, mindkettőnek :) ne féljen senki kipróbálni!
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Rita J
szuper Szuper volt, Nagyon kedvesek és jófejek a srácok is :) Nagyon jól éreztük magunkat, ajánlom mindenkinek.
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Erika N
Fröccs Az elején kissé féltem, de az első borulás után felengedtem. :) nagyon jó élmény volt, bármikor szívesen mennék újra :)
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Dániel M
5 csillag Nagyon szuper volt!Remek vezetéssel Mindenkinek ajánlom!No1 Nagyon aranyosak és segítőkészek a srácok!
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Gabriella K
Szuper élmény Szuperül éreztük magunkat,gyönyörű táj,kristálytiszta víz.Mátéék nagyon jófejek és könnyen bombán minket.Mindenkinek kötelező program☺️☺️ Mindenképpen visszatérünk még!
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Charlotte S
Best Trip ever! Best Trip ever! Matti was super nice and explained everything really well and manouvered us through the currents. We were able to go down a selfmade slide into the river, visited the „stream of youth“ and took awesome pictures! We will definitely come back!
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Super Szuper csapat! Szuper élmény! Szuper szervezés! Mindenkinek nagyon ajánlom. Gyönyörű környezet. Visszajovunk!;)
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Froccs.hu is great Amazing team, funny and highly knowledgable. I came here for the second time 10/10 highly recommend to anyone who would like to try themselves out in rafting, canyoning or any other sports activity they provide
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Gergely K
Legjobb választás Fantasztikus volt. Nagyon felkészültek voltak a túravezetők, jó hangulatban telt az egész. Mindenkinek ajánlom
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Beautiful place, professional tour Fantastic experience, beautiful place! I honestly recommend to visit and try out. Very professional staff and tour guides! We will definitely come back again.
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