Good to Know

Some things to know about the tours

White water difficulty levels

All levels of difficulty can be found on the Soca river. With our guests we paddle on the medium-strength wwII-III sections.

WW = White Water

WW I: Easy
Characterized by: smooth drift, even waves, simple, open river meander, easy to avoid obstacles, easy to see route

WW II: Moderately difficult
Characterized by: varied drift, varied waves, smaller cylinders, vortices, simple obstacles in drift, smaller steps, overall clear route

WW III: Difficult
Characterized by: high, irregular waves, cylinders, vortices, eddies, larger obstacles in the riverbed, stairs, smaller barriers in the riverbed, the current passes under bushes, the route is difficult to see in some places

WW IV: Very difficult
Characterized by: high, irregular waves, large cylinders, eddies, and obstacles in the riverbed, objects that obstruct the view of the route, the route is not visible in some places, coastal reconnaissance is required

WW V: Especially difficult
Characterized by: extreme fall of the riverbed with high water flow, high cylinders and stairs, narrow, difficult-to-pass barriers, waterfalls, coastal reconnaissance is essential

WW VI: impassable wild water
In general, this wild water is not walkable. Occasionally, at certain water levels, Level VI sites become walkable, but this is a very dangerous section in all cases.

The first day of the tour takes place in the middle (WW II-III) section of Soča, so after some practice, the maneuvers can be easily completed on the more exciting sections of the next day (WW II-IV).

Travel: individually, or by bus if requested

On the water:

Good advice:

Currency:: The official currency is the Euro. You can pay by credit card in more important places, but it’s good to have some cash with you.
Border crossing: There are no longer any borders for travel to Slovenia, so you can travel with any travel document.
Weather:: The weather in the mountains is very varied, so always have closed shoes, warmer clothes, and possibly a raincoat.
If you can spend an extra day on top of our tours because there are plenty of attractions in the area.
TRAFFIC: Slovenia has the same traffic rules as Hungary! It is very important that you always use a lamp and seat belt. If you follow this there will be no problem with local ‘policemen’.
Murphy’s Law:: If you have insurance you will have no problem.


  • Campsites:There is no charge for cars and tents.
  • Apartments: Fully equipped (bed linen, refrigerator, dishes)
  • Hotel: 24 hour reception, sauna, swimming pool etc.

There are also excellent restaurants in the main square of Bovec and in Cezsoca.
Hotels are also worth a visit for meals.
Breakfast is available at the hotel for 8 Euros

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

SZÉP kártya elfogadóhely
We accept Széchenyi Pihenőkártya
Froccs Rafting Club
Froccs Rafting Club
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You do not have to pay for car and tent spaces.


Fully equipped (bed linen, refrigerator, dishes)


24-hour reception, sauna, pool, etc.